The Perfect Guide to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone hormone is secreted in men and women and is responsible for the sex drive an individual will have. The hormone is also responsible for controlling the process of muscle development and strength gaining. When testosterone decreases, which normally occurs with the advancement in age and poor diet and illness, the process of muscle mass growth slows down. Bodybuilders depend a lot more on testosterone for adequate building of muscle mass than they realize. The use of non-natural testosterone boosters is known to come with a load of side effects to bodybuilders testogen. But how can one increase testosterone naturally?

Increase the Intake of Vitamin B-complex

Today, vitamin B-complex supplements are plenty in the market and can be used to help boost testosterone levels in the body. The natural supplements include vitamin B6, vitamin B5 and vitamin B12, all of which are good bodily ingredients to the production of testosterone. Some of these natural supplements are sold in pharmacies although for the best results in bodybuilding effect, it is recommended that you source the supplements that increase the production of testosterone from natural foods. Eat foods such as avocados, wheat germ, fish and eggs in order to provide your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins for the production of testosterone.

Increase Zinc Mineral in the Body

The mineral zinc is known to be an active mineral in the production of not only sperm but also testosterone hormone. Generally, a bodybuilder who depends on a diet that is deficient in zinc will experience decreasing testosterone that is reflected through a slow process of muscle building. Bodybuilders looking to boost testosterone levels in their bodies should eat diets that are rich in zinc-producing foods. These include oysters, prawns and shellfish. Wheat germ that is toasted is also a good source of zinc, as a serving of 100g will supply the body with 17mg of zinc. Other sources include veal liver, low fat roast beef, dried watermelon seeds and roasted pumpkin seeds.
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Keep Up with Adequate Weight Training

As simple as it is, keeping up with your weight training regime will help you maintain your testosterone levels at good levels in the body. How is this possible? Resistance training, endurance running and weight lifting are good exercises that help cut body fat significantly. For a bodybuilder, such activities should be common to you. By decreasing the amount of fat in your body, you are also decreasing the production of estrogen while increasing that of testosterone because your body responds this way to the need for more strength and muscle mass to cope with the activity. Of course, this natural way of increasing testosterone production should be coupled with the appropriate diet.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed, sugary and fat saturated foods are not good for any bodybuilder looking to increase their production of testosterone in the body. Such foods will not only decrease your libido but also the building of muscle mass, which is your ultimate goal. In addition, they encourage the production of estrogen at the expense of testosterone, making it hard for you to build muscle successfully. Always ensure you rely on natural supplements for bodybuilding to help increase testosterone in the body.

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